How to play

Getting your name on the World Charts is easy:

Step 1:

Download Frets On Fire.

Step 2:

Tell the game to send your highscores to the charts from the settings menu: Screenshot of upload setting

Step 3:

Shred your way to the top!

How do I add my own song

When somebody plays a new song, it is automatically added to the system, but it will only become visible when one of the administrators verifies the song by hand. It might take some time before your song gets verified. If you think it's taking too long, send us a note.

And what about these medal things?

For the claiming the first place in the charts for any song, you get a shiny gold medal (). A second place gives you almost as shiny silver (), and the for the third position you are awarded a bronze medal ().

Beware though: If someone out-shreds your top score, your medal will go along with it!